​This is my theater company which I founded and am Artistic Director.  Our first production is coming soon and will be a Canadian play that will both engage you as an audience and surprise you in ways you never thought theater could. Here is our credo:


Critical Path Theater

Critical Path Theater is dedicated to producing the best Canadian plays and sharing them with as many people in the Los Angeles area as possible.
At the heart of our work is this core goal: To Surprise and Engage. We want to produce theater that is both surprising and engaging.
We want to share our Canadian voice and our passion for being Canadian while dispelling some myths about Canada and Canadians along the way.
We will utilize many of the relationships and friendships that our Artistic Director and Founder has made during his 25 year career in Canada working as an actor, director, producer, artistic director and writer to bring Canadian works and artists to the Los Angeles area and to engage Canadian Artists living in the Los Angeles area.
Our desire is to expose an audience to a unique and sensory experience.
We believe that theater has the power to shift the consciousness and change the conversation regardless of topic.
We will have a Board of Directors that will help us reach our financial goals. They will be important supporters of the arts and passionate individuals that believe that what  is most important in our work is the nature of surprise and the ability to engage with an audience throughout the entire experience.
We will have an Advisory Board, made up of both American and Canadian talent that will help guide Critical Path Theater.
We will offer staged readings throughout the season and workshops of new Canadian Plays for our audiences.
Using new digital media such as, VR (virtual reality), we can now reach new audiences. Some of which have never set foot into a theater.

Richard Kenyon
Los Angeles, California


Critical Path Theater Company