Soul In Bliss is a Shakespeare Company specializing in the performance and training of actors.

Much like my mentor-Neil Freeman- my approach with Shakespeare,like Neil's, is to start with tools used to discover the hidden principles of debate and argument (so key to the heart of all Shakespearean characters) and an easy approach to revel in the richness of the language.

I then guide actors, directors, teachers, students as to how to make practical use of  the texts given to the first Shakespearean actors (texts so different form their modern counterparts) so as to glean literally hundreds of extra theatrical clues the modern texts have unwittingly wiped out no matter how carefully prepared.   Participants will be offered two sets of texts, the original based on rhetoric and the modern based on grammar, and encouraged to explore both as if they were their own Shakespearean detectives - discovering the facts first and then playing with the myriad of possibilities after, the whole based on both the bodymind experiences.

As Neil so eloquently puts it- the work is all about the what if?

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Shakespeare Coaching