Three-Month Shakespeare Production                      Contact  for price

Building on all of the above, I will guide the students, as director, from Day One of rehearsals to the closing night of a 60-75 min Shakespeare production. This production can be either a black box show with limited resources (for a classroom or gymnasium) or a full production, including costumes, lights and sound, and stage combat where needed. It is suitable either for a short run at school or for competition. 

 * Middle School to University 

One-Month Shakespeare                                            Contact for price

Students will work towards performing a staged reading (script in hand) for their classmates. This is a deeper exploration of Shakespeare, looking at the text’s antithesis, imagery, and ambiguities. Sessions are provided in each drama class for one month. 

 * Middle School and High School

One-man show performance:                                $750

“Shakespeare: The Curious Mind” is my 45-minute, one-man autobiographical story of my first encounter with Shakespeare shows how Shakespeare affected my life as a teenager and how I found power in his words to re-explore my forbidden voice-my Liverpool accent.                                                                                              

 * Middle School and above


Guest Speaker: “Why Should I Care about Shakespeare?”  

30- 60 min                     $400

I have spoken to small groups, clubs, CEOs, and leadership conventions across the USA and Canada. In 2019, I spoke to the Rose Queen’s Court in Pasadena about the power of self-confidence and how to inspire a new generation of leaders.  My lectures always include quotations from Shakespeare: I show how those words, written so long ago, still affect us today. 

 * High School and above

One-Week Shakespeare Class                       $800 – 1000 

                                       (depending on the number of classes)        

The one week of Shakespeare class explores the differences between the monologue and the soliloquy. Students will also have a chance to work with a partner on a scene from Shakespeare. Sessions are provided in each drama class for one week. 

* Middle School and High School


​One-Day Shakespeare Active Workshop                    $300

This one-day Shakespeare Inclusive, which can be offered after school or on the weekend, touches on Shakespeare and his plays. Students will learn the five guideposts in their initial approach to Shakespeare. This is where I teach the basics.

Students will have an opportunity to stand and speak Shakespeare’s words while doing it with understanding, in their voice, while having FUN! Students will also learn about how their voice is strong and their opinion is valid. They will also have an opportunity to share their work with classmates. 

* Middle School and High School


 My name is Richard Kenyon, and I am a passionate advocate for bringing Shakespeare to students and educators. My approach is simple: empower students to use their voice to discover and understand Shakespeare’s works, and themselves.

 I am an actor, director, acting coach, and Shakespeare specialist with over 30 years of experience in performance and teaching. I use the First Folio as a tool for understanding and I believe that getting on your feet, connecting with your voice, and experiencing Shakespeare personally is the best way for students to learn.

 I have been teaching Shakespeare and acting workshops to students for 30 years in both Canada and the United States. I was trained in Canada at Niagara College, the Vancouver Playhouse Acting School, and the University of Calgary and in the US at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. I have taken many online courses at Harvard University, including “Shakespeare’s Life and Work,” taught by Shakespeare Scholar Stephen Greenblatt.

 Working with students, actors, and professionals, I have directed 31 of Shakespeare’s plays. I especially love teaching Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. I have performed in all of Shakespeare’s plays. Some of my favorite roles were Henry V, Mercutio, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Marc Antony in both Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra.

 I currently work as a private acting coach in Hollywood, and I am the Artist in Residence at The Shakespeare Villa in Pasadena, California.

 I was trained in the Linklater method of voice training “Freeing The Natural Voice”. I am fluent in Kristin’s work and often incorporate her techniques in my workshops which are listed below. For prices please email me at